"This is the most relevant industry conference I attend each year and the networking is invaluable."

Ginnie Hazlett

Value Received: A Resource Used Continuously For Advocacy Program Best-Practices

A Resource I Still Use For Facing Challenges

“I left the Summit with a whole notebook filled with great ideas. I still go back and refer to it when faced with a situation or challenge—it’s been extremely valuable to me. It was great to learn both from experienced advocacy managers and relative newcomers to the field. As a newcomer to the field myself I also went to another conference afterward in San Francisco which wasn’t nearly as in-depth or useful.” 

      - Stephanie Brewer, Customer Advocacy Program Manager, DDN Storage

Priceless Guidance For Building Our Program

“As someone who didn’t have a background in Customer Reference and Engagement programs, attending the Summit two years in a row has been absolutely priceless in helping me build and grow our programs internally. Additionally, with the new focus on next generation customer reference programs during the 2016 summit, I saw my work (and general assumptions on what would be the best way to go) validated by the leaders in our industry. To have that validation of not being completely crazy in my planning is tremendously valuable for me in selling the plans internally."

     - Daniel Palay, Manager, Global Customer Programs, Elastic

Validation and Comfort From My Peers

“Not everyone “gets” the job responsibilities or description of a Reference Manager, therefore, there is something comforting and validating to attending this event and hearing from our peers.”

      - Mary Ketter, Global Customer Reference Manager,  JDA


  • A resource I still rely on for facing challenges.
  • Priceless guidance for building out our program.
  • Validation and comfort from my peers.

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