"The Summit case study presentations and peer relationships were really valuable in helping me reduce administrative work--freeing up my time for building important relationship."

Invaluable Help With Automating Our Advocacy Data Curation


When I attended the 2016 Summit, I was a brand new customer advocacy manager for a brand new advocacy program. The practical case study examples from the presentations, plus the incredible peer networking, were really valuable to me.


I'm a one-person program, and our firm sells a variety of products and tools to customers. It's a lot to keep up with. One major need I have is to automate the curation of our customer database so that I have complete confidence in its accuracy and reliability. 


One of the major takeaways from the Summit--and from peers I've stayed in touch with--are valuable tips covering a wide range of activities I do, especially regarding our customer database. We have made huge progress to the point that we're much closer to full confidence in its reliability.


Time savings for me is, conservatively speaking, 10 hours per week. 


  • Successfully automated the curation of our customer database.
  • Reduction of time spent in administrative work of 10 hours per week